Labyrinth: Collectible card RPG enters alpha

Labyrinth is a new collectible card game and RPG hybrid that was fully funded in November 2015 and has just entered alpha on February 21 and is scheduled to begin early access on March 7. While card games are now a dime a dozen, Labyrinth is striving to be a lot more than that, bringing tactical thinking to the 3D battlefield with a turn-based combat system that reminds us of Duelyst or Card Hunter. Developer Free Range Games has a lot of ambition for this game, with the plan being of making Labyrinth a game to last for several years, with plenty of updates.

Labyrinth is going to be free-to-play, is in development for PC and Mac with a release planned for November 2016, with iOS and Android to follow. The core set is planned to have 300-400 cards, split between adventure raiding (offense) and dungeon (defense) cards.

Watch the gameplay demo below and sign up at the official website for updates.

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