League of Angels 2 adds living artifact weapons Soul Arms

The free to player MMORPG League of Angels 2 just launched a new update that adds living artifact weapons called Soul Arms to the game. Three legendary Soul Arms will be available at first: Huxley’s Frostrune Pillar, Lucas’ Abyssal Blade, and Lydia’s Dragon Warlance. These will be accessible starting at level 60.

The Soul Arms are capable of supporting your heroes in battle, unleashing devastating attacks or healing your team. One Soul Arm can be used at a time and appears in the formation of your squad. Soul Arms may of course be upgraded with the new Soul Crystal items. See them in action below, along with a brief description of its abilities.

Frostrune Pillar: 【Frost Shock】 A blast of frost deals up to 247% ATK damage to the enemy with the highest attack and lowers its ATK by 15%, lasts 3 rounds.

Abyssal Blade: 【Blade of Ruin】 Summon the Blade of Ruin to deal up to 680% total ATK damage split among all enemy targets, and reduce healing effects on enemies by 25% for 3 rounds.

Dragon Warlance: 【Breath of Life】 Restore HP equal to up to 91% of ATK to the entire squad.

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