League of Angels 2 shows its stats with server 500 and counting

We're not even joking here: League of Angels 2 already has over 500 servers! How is that even possible, we don't know – maybe it's the sexy angels that can be seen pretty much everywhere, or the Facebook ads that tend to misrepresent the game quite a bit, to say the least, but the fact is that League of Angels II apparently has a lot of players, 5.8 million registered users at this time. It's not a bad game if you like the genre and you don't mind a grind though, just be careful with your wallet if you're going all in for the PvP.

GTArcade has just decided to share some statistics about the game in a nice infographic, revealing that League of Angels II supports seven languages, 1070 players are over level 90 and there are 10903 guilds. As far as heroes go, the preferred Legendary hero is A'ishah, the most upgraded is Huxley and the most popular Mythic hero is Moira. There's a bit more to see in the graphics below, including a Panda mpunt, which players seem to like quite a bit. Who doesn't like pandas anyway?

loa2 stats 1
loa2 stats 2
loa2 stats 3
loa2 stats 4

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