New League of Angels 2 spokesperson teaser points to Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

GTArcade has dropped another hint at who could be the League of Angels 2 spokesperson that we've been hearing about since October 2016. After the poster released a couple of days ago and showing a woman with a bow and arrow, today we get a video teaser filled with words and sentences such as “Warrior”, “Exotic Charm Angel”, “Beauty”, “Famous Hollywood Superstar”, “Epic Heroine”, and “Martial training make her strong” (sic).

Grammar errors apart, we also get a small glimpse of the League of Angels 2 spokesperson and once again the slim figure leads us to strongly believe that she is indeed Gal Gadot, the Wonder Woman of the upcoming movie of the same name. The big reveal will happen in just a few days, on May 25, and it will probably come with a trailer where she is fighting a dragon, as the teaser below suggests.

Do you think we're right on the money or this famous Hollywood super-heroine could be someone else?

League of Angels 2 spokesperson

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