League of Maidens free book The Fall of Man sets the lore

League of Maidens is on its first private alpha and while some paying players were able to join in and explore the chaotic world of this sexy action MOBA, a lot of them were probably wondering what led to all this battle. Now, with the release of the League of Maidens free eBook, they can go through around 79 pages of detailed lore, explaining the backstory of the game. League of Maidens Book 4: The Fall of Man is written by Michael Paolini and you can download it for free. It all ends with a “To be continued…”, so you can be sure that more League of Maidens books are on the way.

There's no date yet for the League of Maidens public alpha, but we'll let you know as soon as we have more interesting info on this game.

League of Maidens free


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