League of Maidens: new trailer is chaotic, gigantic and butt-tastic

A new League of Maidens teaser trailer is live, offering a minute of super-heroic destruction and many of the elements that we've learned about from the previous gameplay videos. Instead of relying on pure gameplay, this time developer Maiden Gaming has decided to create a proper trailer showing some of the hottest bits of the game – for example, huge mechs, stunning dragons, car-lifting, leopard maidens or a schoolgirl attacking a tank, which could become one of the next hit anime shows if some director watches this.

While the sex appeal of the game can't be denied and is one of its selling points, this battle arena game has a lot more going for it. Heck, even us, who are following the game pretty closely weren't aware that there were giant maidens to be found until now – check the last few seconds of the video for the first glimpse on this hulking yet sexy maiden. Fun story: this is a skill limited to the Tank class called ‘Size Matters' and it came about due to a coding mistake – the devs decided to keep it, polish it and turn it into a proper, unique skill. We've been told that this is just one of the many unique skills that the devs are working on, with each skill having five levels to upgrade. League of Maidens includes six different classes Warrior, Tank, Assassin, Diver, Conjurer and Healer), and while some skills are shared, there are some unique skills.

One more thing that we need to highlight is the Motion Replay feature, which allows you to stop the PvE gameplay and enter the battlefield with a fully functional cinematic camera – this is what was used to create the amazing shots that you can see at the beginning and the end of this teaser trailer. Apart from the traditional possibilities such as slowing down the action, you can even change the angle of the sun, the density of the clouds or the intensity of the rain.

League of Maidens enters private alpha on April 28, with a public alpha following sometime later. Sign up on the official website if you want to get in line.


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