League of Maidens is a sexy 3D free-to-play arena brawler coming soon

League of Maidens gameplay

Out of nowhere comes League of Maidens, an upcoming 3D free-to-play online battle arena for PC and Mac with a fair bit of sexy in it. Imagine a crossover between Dragon Ball and any of the popular superhero universes such as DC Comics or Marvel and you should get the initial idea, but only with female characters and an adult tone to their design and customization options. Battles unfold between two teams of five with the ultimate goal being to destroy the towers guarding the enemy base and the main tower.

While played in third-person, shooting is similar to other games that use an over-the-shoulder mechanic and what impressed us the most so far is the lighting speed at which the maiden moves and how there's something always happening in the arena, stuff such as jetfighters soaring the skies (and they can be destroyed), tanks moving around, buildings crumbling and explosions everywhere. The sense of speed is astonishing and the superpowers are rendered very well, giving the feel of being in control of a superhero. Some features that may not be implemented yet include vehicle driving, lifting cars and trucks (and flying with them) indoor combat and recruiting military assets. The private alpha currently running only includes PvE, with online PvP to be implemented later on.

The goal of the two-man team Maiden Gaming is to release the alpha version of League of Maidens this winter on Steam, but beta and full release time frames are still undetermined.

As usual with free-to-play games, the promise is that the cash shop will only sell cosmetic items like outfits, war maiden skins, asset skins and so on, nothing that should give you an advantage over players who don't spend any money.

While League of Maidens may sound like a game made by/for horny kids, we were surprised by the potential and all the speed and destruction that is happening on-screen. It's like an expanded version of Bandai Namco's sadly ill-fated Rise of Incarnates, with larger arenas and plenty more depth. As for the bit where it's only female characters and with plenty of eye-candy, we'll let you be the judge of it.

Sign up for the alpha of League of Maidens here.

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