League of Maidens’ third gameplay video adds dragons and extra chaos

Maiden Gaming has released in an exclusive to FreeMMOStation.com the third official gameplay video for the action/MOBA game League of Maidens. As you may have learned from our previous coverage – in fact, the time when we discovered the game and were pleasantly surprised -, League of Maidens is a 3D arena brawler with an emphasis on sexy female characters with superpowers and a fair bit of destruction and chaos going on.

The new video takes the destruction and gameplay mechanics a step further with the introduction of the ability to lift huge trucks and take them to the skies, using them as weapons against your enemies. We can also see for the first time how a player can grab an enemy maiden and smashing into buildings, and a sky duel that would make Dragon Ball Z proud, with one of the maidens kicking the other into oblivion. Later in the video you'll get a glimpse of a huge mech in the field of battle, right before the match ends, near the 15 minute mark. This video also shows the HUD in detail, with the available abilities, factions (Divinian and Netherian), summons and the three-lane mini-map.

In just a few weeks the improvements are noticeable and League of Maidens has this crazy sense of speed and chaotic action that seems to convey the feeling of being a superhero in a way that few games are capable of. We can't wait to get our hands on it.

If you want to try League of Maidens as soon as it is available, you can buy access to the private alpha for as low as $10. Or you can wait for the public alpha, which should be available sometime during this year, so we recommend signing up for updates.


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