League of Maidens videos show in-depth customization and asset management

League of Maidens has just started a tutorial series where the developers are going to cover several key aspects of this third-person action game. The perfect way to start is with the character customization system, where you can create your battle maiden with intricate detail. It's a very in-depth system that goes into places that we weren't really expecting considering the action nature of the game, and obviously the fact that the game is being developed by two guys – let's just say that you can modify pretty much everything you need to create a unique character, including freckles, tattoos, and everyone's favorite sliders: breast size, squeeze, depth, height and space. Don't judge us.

Anyway, the customization looks awesome and the optional races (besides human aka olympian) give your character that definite edge. You can pick from races such as dracani (dragon), lupian (wolves), tigerian (tiger), mecha (metal/robotic look), and a few hybrids.

The second video released so far details the asset management, including soldiers, tanks, turrets, warships and jets. These are basically part of your army, the things that you can “throw” at your enemy, the cannon fodder for your battle, and each one of them has levels to upgrade. Upgrading increases stats such as attack or health and this involves in-game currency, but the game even includes a cool auto-leveling that includes asset weight/priorities so that you only have to worry about your own war maiden.

More League of Maidens tutorials will be coming soon, so stay tuned.


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