League of Angels 3 official global launch tomorrow (again), brings new Fairy city

League of Angels 3 official global launch

Yoozoo Games has just announced that League of Angels 3 will officially launch worldwide tomorrow. Apparently this is the real deal, as the previous “official launch” wasn't at a global scale – either that or something else eluded us. We're not kidding, here is proof that there was a previous official launch! This is probably a first…

The official launch of League of Angels 3 adds Turkish, Polish and Italian languages to the game, Mythic Equipment sets and a new 3D city called Fairy's Coming. This city looks like an Elf's dream, but you will have to struggle quite a bit to get to explore it – it is only available for players of level 180.

Yoozoo Games, the developer of League of Angels 3, is currently working on Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming, the official strategy browser game based on the acclaimed HBO television show.

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