League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury open beta is live

League of Angels: Heaven's Fury open beta

The League of Angels: Heaven's Fury open beta is live today, January 9, 2020. Youzou Entertainment has revealed the date a few weeks ago and now you can play this PC MMORPG without any issues, right after a small download. There won't be any more wipes, allowing you to keep the progress of your character.

League of Angels: Heaven's Fury is the new game in the League of Angels series. Once again, you'll enlist the help of angels to battle alongside you. However, you can only pick a couple and summon them for a quick attack, working more like a special skill than actual characters.

This game, which seems to be League of Angels 4 in anything but name, differs somewhat from League of Angels 3. The top-down perspective is now closer to what you expect from an action RPG or hack and slash game. The presence of auto-combat isn't going to please everyone, but once you hit level 150 or close, PvP starts playing a major part in the game, and manual skills are usually better to show your superiority over similarly-ranked players.

Watch our League of Angels: Heaven's Fury gameplay below and play the game by heading over to the official website.


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