League of Legends Auto Chess game mode Teamfight Tactics launches tomorrow

League of Legends Auto Chess Teamfight Tactics

Mark my words: Auto Chess is going to be the new Battle Royale. This is set to become the next gaming trend, same as it happened with MOBAs, CCGs and Battle Royale games. Are you excited for this new trend? Personally, I am not and I think that dark times are coming indeed.

Tomorrow sees the North American launch of Teamfight Tactics, the Autobattler game mode for League of Legends. This was inspired by Dota 2's Auto Chess game mode, which in turn led to the development of Dota Underlords, a standalone Auto Chess game.

Teamfight Tactics plays out in a similar way to Dota Underlords. Eight players enter a mini-tournament where you have to buy champions, upgrade them, place them on the board and watch as they auto-battle each other, taking turns against each contestant.

The main difference seems to be the comeback mechanic, where the player in last place will get the first pick in a single line-up of champions.

With other games such as League of Angels 3 creating their own game mode Chess Hero, and Counter-Strike players trying to mod this mode in the game, I see a wave of Auto Chess games coming by the end of the year. I'm willing to bet that Riot Games is already considering a standalone Teamfight Tactics, judging by the huge – and honestly, baffling – player base that Dota Underlords got in just a few days. 

League of Legends Auto Chess Teamfight Tactics



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