League of Legends fighting game in the works at Riot Games?

League of Legends fighting

A League of Legends fighting game isn't exactly a new prospect. The idea has been teased since Riot Games purchased Radiant Entertainment in 2016, leading to the cancelation of robot fighting game Rising Thunder.

Now we have confirmation that Radiant is indeed working on a fighting game. The info came from EVO Founder and the studio's President and CEO Tom Cannon, while speaking at EVO 2019. Cannon said the following:

“Back in 2016, when we joined forces with Riot, I said that we were going to go in the hole for a while. And I want to be able to let people in on maybe like the worst kept secret in the universe. Which is, I can confirm that we are working on a fighting game for Riot.”

Riot Games corroborated Cannon's statement to IGN:

“We have experienced the profound impact this genre can have on players and want to bring the fighting game experience to more people. We’re working hard to create a game truly worthy of the vibrant fighting game community and are making progress, but still have a long way to go before we’re ready to share more details.”

Ex-Capcom's Seth Killian was one of the household names at Radiant Entertainment, which was developing a fighting game with the goal of becoming big at eSports. He is now a Lead Designer at Riot Games, something that confirms his involvement in the upcoming fighting game.

While there is no additional info, the general consensus is that Radiant is working on a League of Legends fighting game. This could be the true sophomore effort from Riot Games, if we don't count the Auto Chess mode Teamfight Tactics for League of Legends.

Riot Games recently inquired players about the idea of developing an MMO. Obviously, this tweet got many players excited about a League of Legends MMORPG, but it's too early to know if this project ended up receiving the green light.

In October 2018, Riot Games trademarked Legends of Runeterra. In light of the latest reveal, this could turn out to be the League of Legends fighting game that everyone is hoping for.


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