League of Legends Striker Lucian skin gets soccer player Edgar Davids some money

League of Legends lucian skin

If you're going to make an “homage” to a celebrity in your videogame, save some money just in case. Riot Games made the Striker Lucian skin for League of Legends heavily inspired by retired Dutch soccer player Edgar Davids, and even said so a while ago, but the tweet was deleted. Edgar Davids was a great soccer – let's call it football, as it is actually called in Europe – player and was pleased with the homage, at least initially:

Fast forward to now, and Edgar Davids has sued Riot Games and won. According to Kotaku, a Dutch court agreed that the similarities (eyewear and hairstyle, mostly) were clearly based on the player's likeness and infringes his rights. The decision states that a percentage of the money that this skin has made in the Netherlands will go straight to Edgar Davids.

If the gods know about SMITE and choose to sue, Hi-Rez is screwed.

League of Legends lucian skin

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