League of Legends: Supremacy trademark filed, it’s a card game?

Riot Games has recently filed a new trademark for a game called League of Legends: Supremacy, which we're led to believe it's an online collectible card game in the same style of Blizzard's Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. In case you missed the story over two years ago, Riot Games president and co-founder Marc Merrill's Twitter account was apparently hacked and began leaking images of this League of Legends: Supremacy, with the posts also saying it was a standalone game.

Back to present time and more specifically to December 30, 2015, when Riot Games has filed the trademark for League of Legends: Supremacy. Rumors say that this game could enter some sort of limited testing in a few weeks, apparently reserved for Chinese players to begin with. Why, you may ask? Because Chinese giant Tencent is now the owner of Riot Games.

If League of Legends: Supremacy turns out to be the card game everyone is expecting it to be, then it will join other CCGs that followed the same process of being based on a popular franchise: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, although this one adds tabletop mechanics to the mix.

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