League of Maidens breaks the internet with awesome jiggle physics

League of Maidens jiggle physics

The new League of Maidens jiggle physics for breasts are coming and boy, do they look good. At the risk of sounding like pervs, the developers did a great job with this particular aspect of the game that will be added into the game with the July 28 v1.1.6a patch. Another feature that the patch brings is an increase of the maximum breast size by 20%. Appreciate the new jiggly physics in the video below in all their glory.

Alright, we'll talk about something other than breasts. Wings are hugely popular in many MMOs (Aion, Revelation Online, MU Legend and many more) and they're also coming to League of Maidens, as you can see in the pictures below. Three types of wings are customizable.

League of Maidens wings
League of Maidens wings
League of Maidens wings
League of Maidens wings

There was an overall graphical improvement to the game, a dynamic health bar will be visible when you're attacking an object, you will be able to execute a fallen enemy war maiden, and the new Desert Stage gained in detail. There is a lot more to this patch, so we recommend you to read the patch notes.

We'll have a League of Maidens key giveaway as soon as we can, so you can try this game and see the progress for yourselves.


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