League of Maidens mob types revealed in anticipation of 1.4.0a patch

League of Maidens mob types character creation

League of Maidens isn't just about pretty ladies in tight outfits, you know. There's a lot of punching and shooting involved as well, and not all of it is against other players. There are several mobs for you to take down before you can make your move on the opponent's character. Recently, eight new League of Maidens mob types were revealed by developer Maiden Gaming, and they are coming with the 1.4.0a patch.

As you can see right away, these aren't the friendly type. Their names aren't very inviting either: expect to see, crush, and get wasted as well by the likes of the Foul, Fiend, Bombers, Remains, Swarm, Elemental, Brutes, and Scavengers.

These are just the new additions to the game, so hopefully there will be a diverse crowd to keep us busy. Before that, you're probably going to spend a few hours using the League of Maidens character creation, tweaking all the details from your avatar. Later, you can pose your character and take 4K photos to share with your fellow players.

The League of Maidens release date is scheduled for 2020, and hopefully Early Access is going to begin in a month or two. According to the devs, there is no League of Maidens mobile version in development, making this a PC exclusive for now – consoles aren't being ruled out, but that is only if the game is a success and the small indie team gets enough resources to do so. You can check the system requirements to confirm if your hardware can run this game.

Meet the eight new League of Maidens mob types below.

League of Maidens mob types Foul League of Maidens mob types Bombers League of Maidens mob types Fiend

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