League of Maidens shows progress in new gameplay videos

League of Maidens gameplay videos

After some time without any official news, Maiden Gaming is back with an update on what they have been working. And the three guys that are creating League of Maidens have been working on a lot of stuff!

First and foremost, the character models were vastly improved and you can see that in one of the four new videos, which showcases the character customization system in quite some detail. For such a game, it was important to have a photo mode, and the devs did just that with the new mode called Pose3D – you can pose your war maiden and take 4K photos inside the game.

While purely an action arena game at first, League of Maidens now has a mission mode similar to Warframe, for example. The dungeons are procedurally generated and a great distraction from the main multiplayer battles. Finally, the team improved every character skill and added more skills, added a gear leveling system, improved performance and so much more, as you can see by the looking at the patch notes.

Oh, and butt jiggling was just added, something that works perfectly in tandem with the new and improved breast jiggling. To see the new videos head over to the League of Maidens official YouTube channel.

A League of Maidens Twitch Live Stream is planned for today, January 26th at 8PM EST, so if you want to win one of the more than 100 keys that the devs will offer, make sure you don't miss it.

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