League of Maidens Release Date and Open Alpha

League of Maidens Release Date

We have been keeping an eye out for League of Maidens since we discovered this game in January 2017. The initial trailers revealed an interesting mix of super-hero gameplay with sexy graphics, with a main cast exclusively comprised of women. A few years have passed, and the League of Maidens release date is drawing near, but let's dig a bit deeper to know when this is happening.

League of Maidens Release Date | When is the League of Maidens Free Download Available?

League of Maidens Release Date

Due to the small but ambitious team, the League of Maidens release date took a while to narrow down. The focus was on expanding the game by listening to player feedback, while polishing the existing features the best that they can.

The initial plan for the League of Maidens Early Access was to have it out there before the end of 2020. However, during a Twitch livestream the team announced the much-desired info: the League of Maidens release date is February 25, 2021. However, this release is described as an open alpha, and will initially support only single-player gameplay.

League of Maidens is developed by indie team MaidenGaming, which started the project because of their passion for a lightning fast action game aimed at adults. Suddenly, the game blew up and the two creators had to invest themselves in the game even further, releasing a successful Patreon in the process.

What started as an apparently simple action RPG with MOBA mechanics expanded into a huge game. League of Maidens now includes a questing mode, posing mode, several battle modes, and a lot more.

The League of Maidens character creation is one of the highlights of the game and rightly so, as you'll want to make your Maiden into the coolest fighter possible. There are over 80 sliders for the face alone, and more than 50 sliders to tweak the body to your liking, all parts included – even those that you may be thinking about right now. Character customization feels limitless, and the possibilities that the devs have shown us seem endless.

Check the official site and the Steam page for more info on this game.


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