League of Maidens lets you turn into a bat swarm, here’s video proof

League of Maidens video bat swarm

Maiden Gaming has released a new video for League of Maidens, the upcoming superhero action RPG with a distinguishing feature – every hero is a girl. Do I have your attention?

If you haven't been following League of Maidens, I could say that it feels like a Dragonball game without Son Goku. Or a Naruto game without… well, Naruto. Instead, it has a super-heroine that you will surely create by going through the painstakingly detailed character creation process.

The latest League of Maidens gameplay footage shows a character that is able to shapeshift into a bat swarm. This move comes in handy when a speed boost is needed, or when you want to travel a larger distance. The visual effect is pretty neat, as well as the girl's shout right after she transforms.

The rest of the video shows a short battle with a titan and how you can blow up a car to pieces. A faithful eagle keeps flying by your side – it is one of the pets, and League of Maidens is also going to include mounts, one of them being a horse.

League of Maidens is in development for a few years already by an indie team comprised of three talented guys. They were doing this in their spare time, but recently they launched a League of Maidens Patreon in the hopes of getting some additional and much-needed budget. Right now, the Patreon indicates an impressive $21.9k per month – not bad at all!

A new League of Maidens patch is expected to deploy tomorrow, July 20. It will include the bat swarm skill and a new outfit, among other things.

If everything goes according to plan, we should have a few League of Maiden Steam keys to give away sometime soon. Keep following us to know when it will happen! 


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