Learn special skills in Revelation Online’s Immortal Annex

Revelation Online challenge

You see yourself as something of a bookworm when you're not fighting your enemies in Revelation Online‘s Nuanor? Then you probably should know about the Immortal Annex, a place where books, books and more books are expecting you. The Immortal Annex is located close to the Imperial City of Sidus Ur and is a place with unlimited wisdom for everyone to learn.

This is a place where you can learn special skills that otherwise you will never know about and the location has grown so popular that it has turned into a faction of its own, with special events every day and merchants hanging around in the surrounding area, willing to trade rare and valuable goods.

Boy, we surely could sit down and read a nice book more often, don't you agree?

Revelation Online is in open beta and the first major expansion, Stardust, launched a couple of weeks ago. You can play for free by signing up here.


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