Legends of Aria free-to-play is coming with November’s New Dawn update

Legends of Aria free-to-play

Legends of Aria free-to-play is happening in November with the launch of the New Dawn update, Citadel Studios has announced. The old-school and ruthless sandbox MMORPG also offers a premium subscription for those who want to dive into the adventure with a series of bonuses.

New Dawn will bring a host of features to Legends of Aria, and also heralds the return of The Wilderness. This is an open PvP region where players must carefully consider risk versus reward before embracing the challenge.

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Here are some of the other features coming to Legends of Aria:

  • Changes to the Warrior class including the Bloodlust resource and the introduction of nine new abilities.
  • A Township feature will allow players to officially become citizens of their Celador town of choice.
  • Players will be able to join a militia.
  • Wannabee thieves will be able to steal and snoop around.
  • Players who are focusing on resource gathering will welcome the introduction of resource missions, allowing them to explore the regions for wood, ore, and cloth.
  • New quests are coming to professions, granting new passive abilities.
  • Leagues of Celador is the name of the new episodic content, bringing fresh adventures to the world of Legends of Aria.
  • Other additions include Runebooks, the dynamic spawner, craft orders were overhauled, along with many quality of life changes and bug fixes.

Despite being in Early Access for many months, Legends of Aria remains a somewhat rough MMORPG that isn't suited for players who like theme-park MMOs. It's tough, you're likely to feel lost during the opening hours, and combat feels a bit stiff, but there's an old-school vibe to it that some players may effectively enjoy.

You can check the Legends of Aria official website for more info, or go straight to the Steam page to follow the game and get prepped for the free-to-play release.


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