Grasshopper’s gory Let It Die is now available for PC on Steam

let it die free game download steam

Hey Senpai! This is how Grasshopper Manufacture introduces most Let It Die social media posts, so we thought we'd do the same to tell you that this sick, twisted survival action game is now available on PC, just as promised a few days ago. Just head over to the Let It Die Steam page and download the game, as it is free-to-play, same as it was when it originally launched for the PlayStation 4 console in 2016.

Let It Die is a third-person action RPG with extreme violence, strong language, nudity and all those things that many of you are surely looking for in a game. It also features a clever twist: when your character dies, its state will be saved and transferred to the games of other players around the world, where it will act as an enemy. Sounds like a fun idea, although it's probably extremely difficult to see it in action.

For the PC version, Grasshopper promises a “silky-smooth frame rate and ultra high resolution”, something that we'll certainly confirm or deny soon enough. The first Steam reviews are ‘mixed', but most of them seem to be from Chinese players who are complaining that they can't start the game. My advice is for you, Senpai, to try the game to make up your own mind.

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