Let it Die has a crossover event with No More Heroes

Let it Die No More Heroes event

Grasshopper Manufacture is currently running a collaboration event for Let it Die, a crossover with its other game No More Heroes, the cult title featuring Travis Touchdown.

This event runs until January 16, 2019 and you can get the blueprint for Travis' weapon Beam Katana, available at the vending machine Hernia. You can also get a series of No More Heroes decals, or listen to additional tracks from No More Heroes, available to select on the radio in the Hated Arcade.

You should also be on the lookout for Travis Imposters appearing in the Tower of Barbs. By defeating these imposters you have a chance of getting Travis equipment, such as sunglasses, jacket and pants. Check the costume below and read more about the No More Heroes crossover here.

Let it Die No More Heroes event

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