Lineage Eternal new gameplay videos show team system in detail

Lineage Eternal revamp project tl

The first Lineage Eternal Korean beta has just started and Steparu was quick to jump in and record some diversified footage of NCSoft's upcoming action RPG hit. In the videos below you can see how the Eternals team system actually works, something that was still a bit confusing.

So, some of the dungeons support up to four players simultaneously, while in others (solo dungeons) you use your team of four Eternals, controlling one of the heroes at a time while the rest is controlled by AI – you can switch between them using the F1-F4 keys.

Outside of the dungeons you control one character only from your team of four, but you can – and should – switch between them sometimes as each one has to level up individually.

There's no word on a western release for Lineage Eternal, but considering that an English folder with about half of the text already translated was found in the client files, a North American and European release seems very likely, but it could take a while.

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