Lord of the Rings Online update 23 brings The Grey Mountains and more

Lord of the Rings Online update 23

The Lord of the Rings Online world keeps on getting bigger with new content updates, and update 23 is in the works for a release later this year, with a level cap increase.. and dragons. Yes, dragons.

This update will bring The Grey Mountains, the Iron Hills and an expanded Erebor. As for the dragons, Standing Stone Games' Executive Producer Rob ‘Severlin’ Ciccolini said that you don't need to raid them, so there's that. To be more specific, “one will be in a raid and then will be others in the smaller instances which will be able to be soloed.” With the Grey Mountains comes a lot of dwarven lore, including pieces of ancient dwarf architecture.

This interview has a lot more interesting info about the Lord of the Rings Online update 23, and the videos below from LOTRO Players show the new content in some detail.

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