Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor expansion adds Allegiance System

Lord of the Rings Online Mordor

The Mordor expansion for Lord of the Rings Online that we detailed recently is getting a new Allegiance System. Four new Allegiance halls will be available, each one with its own story. This system also aims to add story to reputation, giving players a feeling of progressing in an actual storyline:

“One of the things I’ve been dissatisfied with about Reputations in the past is how story-agnostic they could feel. Yes, you’re helping various factions with their problems and becoming more and more respected in their society, but there was no real progression in a story sense. They respected you more and more, and offered you more rewards, but there was no real sense of a continuing storyline for most of them. Allegiances do have you filling up a bar, and there are repeatable quests and rewards, but for me the significant addition is that each of them tells a continuing story. I think of my Allegiances like Bingo Boffin style quest arcs, but instead of funny hobbit shenanigans you get dwarf- or Gondor-themed problems and stories, and instead of them advancing weekly they advance as you gain AP. I’m always trying to add more story to LOTRO rather than less, and Allegiances allow us to add Quite A Lot More Story, and in some surprising ways. I dig it.”


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