Lost Ark Assassin class revealed, advances to Blade and Demonic

Lost Ark Assassin class revealed

Smilegate has just revealed the upcoming Lost Ark Assassin class. Initially teased earlier this month via a brooding silhouette, the Assassin is coming to the Korean server on July 31, 2019.

It's difficult to find any faults in Lost Ark's character design and it's not the Assassin that is going to change that. The design comfortably sits within the video game standards expected from an Assassin – and especially a female Assassin.

The hooded and enigmatic character is one of Lost Ark's main classes, raising that number to five: Warrior, Fighter, Hunter, Magician and Assassin. The Assassin class comes with two advancements, Blade and Demonic.

Blade seems to use a couple of swords to slice and dice her enemies, along with a longsword. Demonic is a job that is more focused around dark magic, with a couple of devilish swords. You can watch both Blade and Demonic in the video below.

Lost Ark is available in Korea since November 2018, resulting in massive player queues and even bigger profits. This acclaimed MMORPG is also coming to Russia (via Mail.Ru) and Japan (via GameOn). The North America and Europe servers are officially confirmed by Smilegate's CEO, but that is all that we have for now. A publisher and a time frame for the release would be incredibly sweet, but months go by and there are no real news for western players. 

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