Lost Ark Assassin TV ads are in English to further twist the knife

Lost Ark English Assassin

That's great, guys, well done! It's not enough to see that the months go by without any sign of an official western announcement, now you've decided to make matters worse with the new Lost Ark TV ads.

The new and fifth main Lost Ark class just released today, July 31, on the Korean servers, as we have announced before. This class branches out into Demonic or Blade specializations, but no matter your choice, the results are always filled with sharp slices and dices. The Demonic path adds a bit of dark magic to the proceedings but they are all frantic, in the tradition of Lost Ark's existing classes.

This ad… let me rephrase that: these three ads that include some repeated passages but are, in fact, different, feature English voice-overs and Korean subtitles. This is odd considering that Lost Ark is already available in South Korea and we are still waiting for an official confirmation of a North American and European release. Did someone at Smilegate's marketing department mixed things up, or is this some sort of cryptic teaser for the upcoming English announcement?

Check the ads below that we've weaved together for your convenience. Will your Assassin pick the Demonic path or the less sinister but also sneaky Blade specialization? Further down you have a couple of new gameplay videos as well.

While we may be grasping at straws here, these ads sound like a fairly good indicator that Lost Ark is indeed coming westward. Smilegate's CEO has already confirmed that much, but we lack the crucial official announcement and one of the most important details: who will be the western Lost Ark publisher?

Lost Ark is coming to Russia, with Mail.ru handling publishing duties. In Japan it's GameOn who is in charge of the Lost Ark release. Tencent is responsible for the China release, but there is a deafening silence surrounding this region, something that is probably related to China's government issuing a game licensing ban that lasted for several months in 2018.

Anyway, let's hope that we'll get some real news about a Lost Ark English release soon.

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