Lost Ark announces Episode update with new magical Rohendel continent

Lost Ark episode update Rohendel

Lost Ark's world just got a little bit bigger with the release of a new continent, the beautiful Rohendel. This is a land of abundant blessings and magical races, and it was briefly seen during the prologue of the Magician class. Now, it's an entire continent that is waiting for you.

Rohendel is the focus of the Episode update. As you may recall, Lost Ark updates are divided into  Season, Episode and Middle update.

Rohendel may be beautiful and colorful, with several races living in harmony, including a completely new race (translated as “Bamboo”, but take that with a grain of salt). There's a lovely harbor and the stunning capital is home to many merchants and adventurers. The most impressive part? It is built on a tree, complete with spirits to greet the players!

While Rohendel seems like a dream, things take a turn to the worse when a desolate city is discovered, and strange things begin to happen, threatening the safety of Rohendel.

Take a look at some of Rohendel's sights below, and check the Lost Ark world map to place the continent as well.

Lost Ark episode update Rohendel
Lost Ark episode update Rohendel Lost Ark episode update Rohendel Lost Ark episode update Rohendel

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