New Lost Ark gameplay video takes you to the land of tiny people

Lost Ark final beta gameplay giant world

With the final Lost Ark Korean closed beta behind us, you're probably twiddling your thumbs waiting for more news on what is potentially one of the best MMORPGs in development. This was the last beta before the Korean open beta, which is planned for later this year, and China is getting Lost Ark as well, but during 2019.

What about us, poor eager North American and European players? Maybe we get something Lost Ark late 2019 or during 2020, judging by the English folder that was discovered in the client files a while ago.

But let's go back to the matter at hand. Rendermax participated in the final Lost Ark beta and recorded plenty of interesting gameplay footage. The latest video covers the adventures of the Soul Master class and the first world quest-line. There is a lot in there to gasp at, including the naval exploration and the impressive world seen through the eyes of little people, where everything seems huge – you can even control and use a ladybug as a mount. And let's not forget about the boss fight against a giant pirate parrot.

Lost Ark seems to have an extremely rich lore and diverse cultures, with a lot to see and do beyond the main quest. We can't wait for it to come to western territories… eventually.

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