Lost Ark final closed beta date revealed in detail

Lost Ark final closed beta date

Recently we mentioned how Smilegate had revealed the final closed beta sign-ups for Lost Ark, and today we got the definitive date for the Korean beta. This test is going precede the open beta, so things are finally moving in the right direction.

The registration phase for the final closed beta begins today, April 19, and lasts until May 13, 2018. Of course, you will need to have a Korean KSSN to register, so if you don't have a friend that can do that or a way to purchase an account, you'll be locked out of the beta.

Those who were selected for this beta will know when the names are announced on May 18. Every player that entered the previous Lost Ark closed beta 1 and closed beta 2 instantly get access to the new beta, but they need to apply for it as well.

The final Korean Lost Ark closed beta begins on May 23 and ends on June 3, which translates into 12 days of Lost Ark adventures. This beta brings a lot of new content and improvements, such as (thanks to Lost Ark Database):

• Two new classes: Soul Master and Hawkeye.
• 6 new guardian raids and new raid map.
• QoL changes, improved combat feedback and boss indicators.
• An entire new region will be added: Bern , the home of warriors.
• Improved favor system, waypoint system rework, new simplified crafting system, improved UI, loot auction system and skill presets.
• 30 new islands, added intercontinental travelling lines.
• New dungeons and activites. Trision training room – to test out all the fancy skill builds you can imagine, Corridor of Trials – an all new boss rush mode where you can test your limits, Chaos Dungeon – An old facility used in the war of gods long ago and its infested with demons now slay them and stabilize the anomaly.
• … and much more!

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