Lost Ark first closed beta trailer is big and awesome

second Lost Ark closed beta

We're not wimps, but seeing Lost Ark back and mostly in great shape made us feel all tingly inside. Sure, it's not perfect, with textures and colors that aren't as vivid as they looked in the reveal trailer, but it still looks miles ahead of most other hack and slash games and especially of those in the MMO genre. The new trailer was released in anticipation of the first Korean closed beta, which runs from August 24 to August 28, and it will be followed by two more betas to be announced later.

As for this trailer, it's eight minutes of cool Lost Ark stuff, beginning with a massive castle siege, going through some mine exploration with a very Indiana Jones-esque soundtrack, and plenty more things including combat, co-op exploring and adventure, fishing, playing instruments, big bosses, story bits and sunflowers, beautiful sunflowers. We can't help but to see a touch of Game of Thrones here and there, but maybe that's just us. No more talking, just sit back and enjoy it below.

Besides the obvious Korean release, Lost Ark is currently signed to China by Tencent, but a worldwide release is very likely.


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