Lost Ark: Focus Group Test video, closed beta early 2016

Lost Ark's announcement late 2014 dropped like a bomb and suddenly many players began seeing it the true Diablo MMO that Blizzard never made. However, it looked like developer Smilegate was being a little too secretive from then on, and besides a stunning 20-minute trailer, there were no more news on Lost Ark… until now.

The studio just revealed that Lost Ark was recently in a very hush-hush Focus Group Test and now a video showing parts of it was released. There are reportedly 88 testers involved playing in the Berserker and Battle Master initial areas up to level 10, as well as the Cube game mode.

There is some new gameplay footage to be seen and with it came the announcement that the first Korean closed beta test is planned for the first half of 2016.

There was some talk on a western release of Lost Ark as soon as the Korean version is solidified, so keep your hopes up. Also, the video shows that the game menu has a “Press Space to Play” message, which could be indication that the English translation is already underway.


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