Lost Ark PC Unreal Engine 4 upgrade and mobile version rumored

Lost Ark Mobile Unreal Engine 4

Yesterday we mentioned how Smilegate had quite a few reasons to be happy with Lost Ark's performance, revenue-wise as well. Evidently, the South Korean studio wants to keep the momentum going and a few job offers are suggesting what is coming (thanks MMOCulture).

One of the offers mentions an unnamed mobile project that several Korean media outlets are convinced is Lost Ark Mobile. Unreal Engine 4 expertise is required, but considering that this engine is regularly used on mobile games, this isn't a given fact. However, Smilegate could be threading the same path that Pearl Abyss did with Black Desert Online – an extremely successful PC game followed by Black Desert Mobile.

The other offer is asking for a Client Developer to work on Lost Ark, being familiar with both Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4. This is surely tied to the old plan of upgrading Lost Ark to Unreal Engine 4 if deemed worthwhile. NCsoft is doing the exact same thing with Blade & Soul PC, with the Vision update being planned for 2019.

So, while this is mostly speculation, it is likely to turn out to be true. All good news except for one thing: still no official release date for Lost Ark in North America and Europe. We know Lost Ark is coming, but when and who will be the publisher?


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