Lost Ark open beta is live in Russia and English translation is underway

Lost Ark open beta

The Lost Ark open beta is now live in Russia since yesterday, October 27. Contrary to the initial announcement that pointed to a lack of IP block, Lost Ark Russia is indeed region-locked.

While it isn't wholly recommended for English players to partake in Russian Lost Ark adventures, where there's a will there's a way. Players can use a VPN to circumvent the IP restrictions, and there are even a few guides showing you how to do it. There is even an unofficial patch that you can use to play Lost Ark in English.. and most likely be banned in a few days (thanks Massively OP).

If you prefer to wait for the official Lost Ark English release, you shouldn't hold your breath. However, there are good news: according to MMOCulture, developer Smilegate is said to be hiring employees with English skills for translation roles in South Korea. This is further proof that work on the already confirmed Lost Ark English release is steadily moving forward. Will we get Lost Ark in 2020?

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