Lost Ark open beta video released, 13 minutes of pure bliss

Lost Ark open beta video

“For All RPG Fans”… If you happen to live in South Korea, that is. This is how the latest Lost Ark open beta video ends, but we can't stay mad at Smilegate. After all, they have poured their hearts and money into this ambitious MMORPG in a day and age when everyone and their mum is creating a flavor of the week Battle Royale game.

This Lost Ark open beta video is quite big, clocking in at over 13 minutes and going through several of the game's features and mechanics. You can take a look at the different classes, the housing system – or should I say ‘island' system -, Guardian raids, sailing, activities such as fishing, mounts, the lovely island where you shrink to the size of a bug and much more. There is even a T-Rex if you don't blink and some wonderful bunny-chasing through corn fields.

We've said it several times before – Lost Ark doesn't disappoint, unless you are looking for some sort of sandbox MMORPG. For other players, those who want a full-fledged theme-park MMORPG with a lot to see and do, this should be the one.

The Lost Ark Korean open beta begins on November 7, 2018 and hopefully will lead into an English localization sometime during 2019.

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