Lost Ark PvP tournament Royal Roaders realizes eSports ambitions

Lost Ark PvP tournament

One day, when the Lost Ark release date is officially announced in the west, your grandkids will surely jump for joy. Not only they will be able to play what was once one of the most anticipated MMORPG games in a global scale, they will also be able to partake in heated player versus player matches for the world to see. In Korea, the first ever Lost Ark PvP tournament Royal Roaders is going to begin tomorrow, December 28, running until January 19, 2019.

The Royal Roaders clash is going to feature 16 teams of three players each and will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube. There are monetary prizes at stake, alongside Lost Ark-branded goodies such as keyboards and headsets for other events.

This Lost Ark PvP tournament seems like a surefire way for Smilegate to keep the hype going. While Lost Ark is a pretty fun MMORPG to play with friends, PvP is where the long-term success usually lies, so this is a sound bet from the development team.

According to recent news, the Lost Ark western release is happening in 2020. Smilegate said that this is the year when it plans of taking its MMORPG to the next level, right after the launch in Japan. The Korean studio is surely taking its time, but the English release is getting near. Any bets on who is going to be the western publisher?

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