Lost Ark Scout class revealed for Season 2, looks like soldier Iron Man

Lost Ark Scout class

Smilegate has revealed a brand new class coming to Lost Ark season 2. Called Scout, or Scouter, depending on what the English name will be when Lost Ark releases in the west. But enough about the year 2034, let's talk about the present time and the Lost Ark Scout class release for the Korean version. This is a subclass for the Hunter main class, which already includes the Devil Hunter, Blaster, and Hawkeye.

With a design that verges on the side of Marvel's Iron Man minus the flying, although with a bit more visual flourishes to it, the Scout's strength doesn't rely on its suit alone. The class comes with a submachine gun and a drone that you can give orders to. Apparently, you may even fuse with the drone when the core energy is at its fullest, unleashing devastating power. The Scout class is more energetic than it may seem, using backflips to deploy a bomb and quickly get away from the target. 

Lost Ark Scout class

However, the drone is the most interesting thing about this class. You can remote control the drone or command it through some orders. This means that you'll have to keep an eye out on both units, the Scout and the drone. One of the skills puts the Scout using the drone as a glider, blasting through enemy lines from above.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a video is surely worth a lot more. Watch the Lost Ark Scout class reveal trailer below.

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