Lost Ark second beta teased, reveals three new classes

Lost Ark second beta

Guess who's back! The Lost Ark second beta was finally teased after a long break from developer Smilegate. The Korean studio was working on feedback from the first Lost Ark closed beta, which happened near a year ago.

Lost Ark is getting ready for the second Korean closed beta but while we got a ton of info, there's no exact date yet. Juicy details include the reveal of three new classes for this beta: Destroyer (a big, badass warrior), Arcana (spells and she can draw cards with more of those), and Summoner (summons creatures or spirits). We already knew about these classes, but this is the first time that they will be playable.

Lost Ark second beta new classes

Lost Ark second beta destroyer

Lost Ark second beta arcana

Lost Ark second beta summoner

The Lost Ark second beta has quite a few improvements based on player feedback. The tripod system, one of the supposed highlights of the game, didn't make that much difference according to testers from CBT1. The plan is to give players more options for each class, so that each build has more impact and is more strategically relevant than before. Characters animations were improved, both for simple movement and combat, and the monster's death animations are now more diverse.

The user interface and the quest system also went through some changes. Players complained about the side-quests, saying that they are somewhat boring or too long, while the main story quests are fun. Smilegate studied this and removed some side-quests, added Adventure Quests and Co-op Quests, and made some quests fit more naturally in the game.

This is the main bulk of improvements for the second Lost Ark closed beta, which will hopefully be announced soon. There's still no word on the business model, although free-to-play is a big possibility. As for an English release, it's too soon to have anything official, but when an English folder is spotted in the files of the first Lost Ark closed beta, this is a sign that the studio is at least considering the possibility.


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