Lost Ark Selfie Mode is coming for you to strike a pose

Lost Ark Selfie Mode

Unlike other games that try to hide their graphical limitations by using a top-down perspective, Lost Ark is one beauty of a game. The isometric view was chosen because it would translate into a great gameplay experience that fans of Diablo and other hack-and-slash games are familiar with. Besides, Smilegate did wonders with the Unreal Engine 3, delivering a stunning game with what can be considered an outdated engine. So, why shouldn't you take advantage of all this with something like the new Lost Ark Selfie Mode?

The name is pretty self-explanatory, right? This is a traditional photo mode where you can take pictures of your character doing the weirdest poses, and then share it with your friends and the rest of the Lost Ark community.

As you click on the camera icon below the mini-map, the perspective shifts to one that you are used to see in other MMOs such as World of Warcraft or Black Desert Online. Now it's only a matter of adjusting your character to the position that you want, zoom in a little to show their best features, and strike a pose.

You can watch the Lost Ark Selfie Mode guide below in video format. While it is in Korean, it should be fairly easy to understand how it works. Besides, it will get you prepared for the time when the Lost Ark global release happens… some time in the future. There are rumors of an Unreal Engine 4 upgrade and a Lost Ark console version, and it is official that Smilegate is developing Lost Ark Mobile.

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