Lost Ark video shows tons of players fighting a spider World Boss

Lost Ark world boss

The final Lost Ark Korean closed beta ended on June 3 and Smilegate is now working on the next phase, the open beta. The servers will probably open closer to the end of the year.

Steparu recorded a few more videos from this closed beta and one of them shows a massive World Boss fight featuring Tarsila the spider. If you take a look at her health bar (so many numbers), it becomes clear that this battle is going to take a while, not to mention the time that players had to wait to see her pop up. It's over 20 minutes of fighting and dozens of players simultaneously, and with so much going on the sound becomes this deafening mix of hits and crunches – it's almost like you're standing with your ear next to a truck.

And yet, Lost Ark looks exactly like what we're expecting of it, this action-based Diablo MMO of sorts. The second video shows you some endgame Guardian Raid Bosses, apparently new ones added to this closed beta stage.

If everything goes smoothly and Lost Ark begins its Korean open beta later this year, maybe we can expect an English release late 2019. But I'm just throwing numbers in the air, nothing is certain right now, there are only rumors about an English launch.

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