LOTRO: Where the Dragons Dwell update goes live today

LOTRO: Where the Dragons Dwell update goes live

The Lord of the Rings Online world is getting bigger today with the release of the new Where the Dragons Dwell update. Daybreak Games and Standing Stone Games added plenty of new content for LOTRO players to go through, including new and expanded regions.

The LOTRO: Where the Dragons Dwell update will let you explore iconic Middle-Earth regions such as the Iron Hills, Grey Mountains and Erebor. We have talked about this update a couple of months ago and even showed you footage from some of these new locations. The Hobbit avatar was revamped and now sports new hairstyles, head styles and more. The level cap was increased to 120 and with this comes new gear, cosmetics, appearances and other things, as well as over 80 quests and deeds, raids and much more.

Where the Dragons Dwell sees the addition of the Bassoon, which is the latest instrument to join LOTRO's instrument system. There is also a treat to all players: a Dwarven Miner’s Helm gift that you can claim from the LOTRO store using the code ‘STARTMINING'. This is a limited time offer, so hurry up!

To read all about the LOTRO: Where the Dragons Dwell update you just have to head over to the release notes.

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