Mabinogi Heroes Lethor trailer shows 16th character is a martial artist

Mabinogi Heroes Lethor new character

The new Mabinogi Heroes Lethor trailer was released to reveal the 16th character coming to the action MMORPG. Known in the west as Vindictus, DevCat's game remains as one of the best examples of the genre, and a steady rate of playable character releases helps it to stand the test of time.

Lethor is coming to Vindictus in 2020, if the previous character release pattern is anything to go by. A name change isn't to be excluded, something that happened with Miul, Arisha's sister, who was renamed Eira: the Void Witch in Vindictus. Lethor is a weird name, in fact, reminding me of a crazy derivation of Superman's nemesis, Lex Luthor.

The short Mabinogi Heroes Lethor trailer introduces what appears to be a martial arts character. This class seems to be in demand among fans of the game and is being compared to Blade and Soul's Kung Fu Master.

There are a lot of complaints about it being a female character, something that is becoming a tradition. Understandably so, we might add, considering that brawlers seem to be focusing on women characters as fan service to appeal to male players – the latest character in SoulWorker, Ephnel, is good proof of that. If my math is correct, Lethor is the 10th female character in Vindictus. Between Arisha, Eira, and Belle, there was only a male release, the Assassin Grimden.

Mabinogi Heroes Lethor

You can check the Mabinogi Heroes Lethor teaser site right now. It's a bit empty at the moment, but it is surely going to fill up with lore and more character images during the next weeks.

Vindictus is one of those games where we cross our fingers for a full-fledged  sequel to be in development. DevCat tried it once with Mabinogi 2: Arena, but the game ended up being canceled – apparently, it was more of a spin-off with some eSports mechanics than a true sequel, so it didn't make it. Recently, DevCat saw Nexon canceling its monster hunter MMO Dragon Hound, so let's hope that the team has something big in the making.


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