Mad World is a pretty cross-platform HTML 5 MMORPG

Mad World

Jandisoft is a 15-men game studio based in Korea founded by the main developers of Metin 2, an old MMORPG which should resonate with some of you. The studio has just revealed Mad World, an upcoming MMORPG that they say is “the world's first cross-platform MMORPG powered by HTML5”. They're not quite sure, and neither are we, but let us know if some other HTML5 MMORPG came before this one.

Mad World is set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with dark souls, where a few brave men dare to try and escape. No one remembers the past and what mysterious event led to this new world of chaos and despair. Mad World can be played in virtually any device that has an internet connection, and will probably be outdone only by Skyrim, which as all of you know, can be played on a toaster and even on a pregnancy test. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android are already confirmed but Jandisoft is already considering consoles such as PS4 and other browser-enabled platforms. This game has all the basics of an MMORPG, with items, skill trees, PvP and PvE, while offering a quality 2D hand-drawn world and characters that looks pretty good. The action combat seems fluid and addictive, and when you join hundreds of other players in PvE raids or PvP matches things get somewhat impressive.

Jandisoft is planning a worldwide release for Mad World in 2018, with the English version for North America and Europe coming during the second half of 2018. You can visit the developer's website for more info.

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