Mad World briefly delves into work-in-progress maps

Mad World

It's been a while since we had some news from Jandisoft, makers of the cross-platform HTML5 MMORPG Mad World. The team is finally back with the usual brief look into some aspect of development.

This time we take a look at some work-in-progress maps, and how they go from a rough sketch to a multi-layered, colorful set ripe for adventure and horrific creatures. Despite looking simple, the environments have a lot of work into them to make them feel like a cartoonish, detailed playground for adventurers of all classes. I mean, scratch that, as Mad World offers a classless based system where your character's skills depend on the weapon that you are using.

Anyway, Mad World is still roughly planned for a Fall 2018 worldwide release on PC, Mac and mobile devices, with a console release still under consideration.

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