Mad World MMORPG opens closed alpha registrations, begins in April

Mad World MMORPG alpha

Jandisoft has opened the closed alpha testing sign-up form for its upcoming MMORPG Mad World. The alpha test is coming this April 2019, is for PC only and obviously has very limited spots available – a few hundreds.

Players have to be dedicated and ready to face errors, glitches and development changes, as well as a progress wipe – come on, you are supposed to be giving feedback to the developers, not selfishly leveling your character.

The form includes a couple dozen questions with assorted topics, such as your gaming platform, country, favorite gaming genre, category of gamer (achiever, explorer, killer or socializer), how many hours you spend daily playing video games, and what reward you expect at the end of the alpha test.

Really? You expect a reward for this? That is called a ‘job', and voluntary alpha testing surely isn't it, unless duly noted.

Finally, there is an NDA, which means that you can't talk to anyone about your experience, apart from the development team.

Here is the link to the Mad World Alpha registration form.


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