Mad World is all about its skills in a new gameplay video

Mad World skills gameplay video

Jandisoft has released another short video showing the progress of its upcoming cross-platform HTML5 MMORPG Mad World. This time it's all about those skills.

It's a short burst of skills in a video that ends in less than 30 seconds, but should give you an idea of the team's goals. It's all work-in-progress, so there's room for improvement, and the developer is asking for comments and suggestions on “any cool skill ideas”. They are also asking for shares to the Mad World Facebook page, so that the word on Mad World spreads out – they are looking for 10,000 Facebook page likes before September.

The plan is to get Mad World out there in some shape or form – possibly a beta – before the end of the year, so let's hope that everything is on track. Remember that you should be able to play on PC, Mac and mobile platforms.

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