Magic battle royale Spellbreak is free-to-play for all platforms

Spellbreak is free-to-play

It took a long time, but developer Proletariat has finally spilled the beans on Spellbreak‘s business model. Spellbreak is free-to-play for all platforms, which means that gamers on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch will get to play it for free when it launches later this year. The Spellbreak release date is yet to be officially confirmed, which means that for now we must go with the Q4 2020 timeframe.

The last that we've seen of the magic-focused battle royale game Spellbreak was over a year ago, during closed alpha. Even at the time we were impressed by the potential and new ideas that could shake the tired genre. It felt like a superhero game, with tons of skills that feel rewarding to use.

Spellbreak is free-to-play

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However, what caught our eye – beyond the lovely cartoon graphics – was the combination of spells and the consequences of chain combos. Encouraging you to mix and match spells, you can create devastating and surprising results by playing solo, or take things further when a few players combine their efforts as a team.

Spellbreak includes a class system and an item system, along with a big map for you to explore. Spellbreak is both free-to-play and cross-platform, which means that you can fight with or against players from other platforms.

Proletariat is an acclaimed indie studio that includes talent from studios such as Harmonix, Turbine, and Insomniac. Spellbreak is their most ambitious project ever, and possibly a breath of fresh air in the genre. Harry Potter fan or not, gamers who like action games with an original twist are bound to enjoy it.

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