Magic Legends beta date planned for Spring 2020, new gameplay trailer

Magic Legends beta date

Cryptic Studios has revealed the Magic Legends beta date. If you're looking forward to trying this new free-to-play MMO action RPG, your wait won't be long; the first closed beta is planned for spring 2020.

Despite a surprising Magic Legends gameplay reveal where the isometric Diablo-like approach didn't get much love, there is still some palpable excitement surrounding this new Magic The Gathering MMORPG. One thing is certain, the Magic Legends beta won't be able to accommodate every player, so your best option is to head over to the official website and sign up while you can.

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The first Magic Legends beta test is going to introduce two of the five classes. You can pick between the Geomancer and the Mind Mage, two Planeswalkers with extremely different powers – the former has devastating earth effects, while the latter uses his mind-bending powers to wreak havoc. We have a guide where we keep up with the full line-up of Magic Legends classes, in case you want to bookmark it.

One of the most curious aspects about Magic Legends is the ability to switch between classes at any time. This should give you extensive control over how to engage your foes, while dispensing with the traditional MMO staple of leveling up additional classes from the very beginning.

Officially described as the Magic Legends MMO, you'll be able to play alongside up to two friends. However, you can also venture as a lone Planeswalker, drawing spells from your hand that will be chosen at random. 

Magic Legends beta date screen

These are definitely great times for fans of isometric action RPGs. Apart from the Magic Legends MMORPG, you can look forward to Torchlight Frontiers, also from Perfect World Entertainment, Path of Exile 2, and – hopefully – the long-awaited Lost Ark English release.

The Magic Legends beta date is set for spring 2020, while the full release is scheduled for 2020 on PC, and 2021 on PS4 and Xbox One. This MMO will be free-to-play, just as it was announced way back in 2017. Watch the new Magic Legends gameplay trailer below.


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